Successful Product Information Management Implementation

This paper is the first in a series aimed at MDM related challenges. It is geared towards a business audience and presents a high level overview of the approach and the methodology implemented by Adastra on numerous MDM and PIM projects.

Agile Information Management

This paper is geared towards helping organizations adopt effective Data Warehouse an Business Intelligence development strategies. 

Meeting the Big Data Challenge

Information Management professionals are being challenged to develop new and creative approaches to analytics. In the name of efficiency, the focus is shifting towards identifying the valuable data within the rapidly expanding base data, and proving its potential.     

Using XML and Canonical Models in Enterprise Integration

Data-rich organizations strive to maximize the potential of their existing IT investments by improving the integration, exchange, and sharing of information. A primary way of achieving these goals is through the implementation of an enterprise application or information information integrationtechnology solution.

Enterprise Information Management for Utilities

Information is required to develop strategy, monitor performance, and engage effectively in day-to-day operations. Developing a solutions architecture is an important investment to ensure scalability to a truly enterprise-wide information system, to control long-term costs, and to extract significant return on investment.     

Managed Services an Cloud Solutions for Improved Information Management Outcomes

Corporate data touches all areas of the business and drives every decision. As a result, the timely delivery of high quality information is, without a doubt, vital to the success and longevity of any business.  

Information Management

The management and delivery of information is a challenge every organization must face. Across every enterprise, information challenges are intensified by the prsence of complex combinantions of applications; heterogeneous rather than homogeneous technology enviroments are now the norm.

A Case for Information Management Consolidation

This whitepaper examines how organizations can reduce costs, increase efficiency, reduce complexity and improve the output of their Information Management enviroment by reducing the number of Business Intelligence, Data Integration and database tools they use.