• Big Data

    Tame the volume, velocity and variety for deeper insight and a competitive edge

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  • Data Quality

    Better decision making by better data

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  • Master Data Management

    Systems and processes that maximize the value of Information Management assets

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  • Data Governance

    Data Governance allows you to exploit the full value of your data

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  • Data Warehousing

    Our Data Warehousing-Solutions will facilitate your process of decision-making

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  • BCBS 239

    Improve the performance of your risk information technology and your data management

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Supporting Business Decisions, Driving Success

Success is determined by the decisions you make. Whether you are reacting to current challenges or planning for those to come, responding to actual customer needs or tracking your products and services through every transaction, your decisions are only as strong as the information at your fingertips. Access to reliable information that is packaged according to your needs gives you the edge you need to stay ahead of your competitors.

At Adastra, we specialize in Information Management: comprehensive and targeted services that streamline your business processes, upgrade your technology infrastructure and unlock the value of your data assets and investments. More than a decade of experience across industries leveraging all the market-leading technologies means quality deliverables, rapid time-to-market, and superior performance.

Where is your organization going?