Card Analytics

ADASTRA Card Analytics

Payment card issuers strive to balance potential risks to profitability and the challenges of a highly competitive market and demanding customers. Evolving trends in market credit quality, changing economic conditions, and your institution’s appetite for risk all impact the overall health of your portfolio and customer relationships.

Current processing systems contain a wealth of information about your cardholders: customer spend history, changing payment patterns, reward utilization and usage. External data sources such as credit bureaus and your own legacy customer information systems further expand your access to reporting on historical individual account performance.

What can get overlooked under the weight of all this data are developing trends that will impact your future profitability.

ADASTRA Card Analytics consolidates this data and turns it into the meaningful information you need to make strategic decisions to improve overall portfolio performance and to position you for business growth based on real market analysis. Credit is a scarce and costly resource; ADASTRA Card Analytics ensures you are leveraging that resource in the most effective way possible.

ADASTRA Card Analytics:

  • Provides interactive dashboards and up to date reporting
  • Allows users to select the period for analysis
  • Predicts changes in application credit quality based on developing trends
  • Provides a detailed analysis of sales-channel performance
  • Monitors new account approvals and declines, and measures adjudication efficiency
  • Identifies and reports on developing trends in high-risk spend behaviour
  • Measures the performance of issuer-defined product categories
  • Provides extensive and detailed vintage reports to measure product and seasonal performance
  • Reports changes in delinquency and collections activity
  • Summarizes fraud activity by category
  • Analyzes account attrition by type to assess product performance

By looking at the entire portfolio of business, ADASTRA Card Analyics provides management with meaningful reporting on how limits are being assigned and where these limits are being utilized for maximum return. Revenue sources are compared and tracked over time to identify pricing gaps and what type of products to target to increase performance.

ADASTRA Card Analytics allows flexibility in who views what information. The dashboards and reports provide meaningful tools to a number of functional areas within your organization including:

  • Credit and Risk Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Finance
  • Application Processing and Adjudication
  • Delinquency and Collections Management
  • Customer Care
  • Operations
  • Executive and Senior Management


Credit Card Practice

Many factors impact your ability to grow and maintain a profitable credit card portfolio: volatile economic conditions; continued downward pressure on interchange rates; regulatory impact on revolving interest rates, fees and charges; fraud attacks that change almost daily.

Factor in demanding consumers, competition from non-traditional payment service providers, as well as the need to consider a myriad of possible features and benefits to complement your card’s value proposition, and it is no wonder that card issuers are in a constant state of flux.

ADASTRA understands these challenges, and has the knowledge and expertise to help your business not only to respond but also to strategically position you to navigate around your competitors with market-leading product-value propositions.

ADASTRA has helped financial institutions and payment card issuers around the world create new card products. ADASTRA analyzes and improves processes required for efficient adjudication, risk management, delinquency and collections management and for increasing revenue through effective sales and marketing campaigns.

We assess existing card portfolios and recommend strategies to improve market penetration and increase spend. By examining your competitive landscape, we build card-value propositions that make your products stand out from the crowd. And by combining our business consulting expertise with our proven track record in Information Management, we equip you with the tools and technologies to not only monitor market trends, but also to support proactive decision making that will keep you ahead of changes before they impact your business.

ADASTRA’s team of Credit Card professionals have worked with some of the world’s largest card issuers, card schemes and associations, as well as alternative payment providers. As a result, we bring a unique set of skills that will benefit your business.

ADASTRA provides expertise in:

  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Card Product Design and Implementation
  • Market Studies and Competitive Analysis
  • Customer Communications Strategies
  • Payment Scheme and Processor Selection and Management
  • Product Features and Benefits Selection and Implementation
  • Portfolio Acquisitions
  • Credit and Risk Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Process Change Management
  • Information Analysis and Delivery

Our team has delivered projects in support of multiple card market segments including:

  • Consumer Credit and Charge Cards
  • Debit
  • Small Business Cards
  • Middle Market
  • Large Corporate and Multinational Card Programs
  • Affinity Products
  • Retailer Co-branded Cards

ADASTRA also has a suite of application software solutions powered by our business knowledge and technical expertise. These solutions include:

  • ADASTRA Card Analytics
  • ADASTRA Fraud Management
  • ADASTRA Campaign Management
  • ADASTRA Anti Money Laundering